HOW IS ART CREATED OUT OF THIN AIR?  Are you in a big city and want to be inspired by people creating cool art?  Are you in college and want to act, but are not sure how one goes about it?  Are you in a small town and dream of becoming a writer?  OFF OFF POD is a podcast for people who are interested in how storytellers create stories.  All art on some level attempts to tell a story.  In this often humorous, comedic podcast, playwright Stephen Bittrich talks to artists with various career trajectories doing what they were born to do.  Here we embrace the “off off” spirit (the name inspired by Off Off Broadway) and welcome people who never give up on their dreams.pic_offoff_in_action“I LOVE THE SHOW AND WANT TO SUPPORT IT!” If you listen to the show, appreciate it, and want to show your appreciation (so we can keep doing more) there are several easy ways to help: 1) You may click on the donate link and do a straight donation. 2) Buy Off Off merch from our store! 3) If you need a website (and who doesn’t — it’s the modern day calling card) please use Off Off’s very own MonkeyCWorld.com for all your website domain and hosting needs. MonkeyCWorld.com is an official Godaddy.com reseller, so you get all that great Godaddy customer service and competitive pricing, but you also get to support Off Off Pod. 4) Or if you are in a theatre company looking for fresh material, consider checking out my plays.  More about my writing on my bio page. Thanks for spreading the love! Stephen banner_monkeycworld1

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Off Off Webseries created by Stephen Bittrich

Check out our webseries, Off Off starring Stephen Bittrich, David Marantz, Dan Teachout, Rob A. Wilson, Dennis Gagomiros, Lisa Peart, and Kendall Rileigh.