Episode 004 – Billy Hayes Author of True Life “Midnight Express,” Part 2

Billy Hayes, On my bunk, Sagmacilar Prison, 1974

Billy Hayes on his bunk, Sagmacilar Prison, 1974

This is part 2 of my Billy Hayes interview, and as you’ll recall, he was the inspiration for the 1978 movie Midnight Express with Brad Davis.

Please look out for Billy’s new one-man theatrical show which recently previewed in Edinburgh called Riding the Midnight Express which talks about some of his real life experiences — live and straight from the source!

Also in this episode I play my “ghost recording” for you to help me determine if it’s electronic feedback or other worldly communication.

Topics covered in part two of the interview:

  • Intro to show (00:00)
  • A possible recording of a ghostly voice?  (01:17)
  • Listener email and talking about Askwomen podcast  (04:29)
  • Part two of Billy Hayes interview – prison sex (07:03)
  • The worst part of prison, and yoga saves Billy (12:01)
  • Billy gets into acting with Bill Hickey and Eric Morris (17:39)
  • Billy approaches playwright Tennessee Williams in Key West (24:10)
  • Friend Harvey still suffers in Turkish prison (29:01)
  • The true story of girlfriend who comes to Turkey, author of “Dangling Without a Rope” (38:57)
  • Wife Wendy West — “best thing that ever happened to me”  (41:51)
  • Billy’s website info  (44:51)

Also… I mentioned that a high school kid emailed me about my 10-minute play Corybungus (my ode to Monty Python) being performed.  Here’s a link to that short play.  It’s an easy read if you feel like checking it out.  Please keep in mind that while it’s free to read, a royalty must be paid to perform it in front of an audience.


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